Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MODL How To Get Started

If any of you aspire to become MODL authorised, let me warn you! You're pretty much on your own on this one.
The Material on Town Hall is all great to watch, but real Train The Trainer material is lacking here. And nothing is quite as self explanatory as everybody thinks. So here are some tips for ya all attempting to become MODL authorised:

How to Prepare?
  1. get a trial account at http://www.livemeeting.com/. That will get you started with using LM2007 yourself.
  2. Install LM2007. And start playing with the setup.
  3. get some FREE LM 2007 Training.
    You'll be able to join some Live Meeting Sessions with some experienced instructors. Make sure to go to as many sessions as you can. That will cut down on your trial and error time dramatically. Especially the one about using LM2007 for e-learning
  4. Download the 2273DL course from the mct moc download site.
  5. Upload Module 4-2 to a new LM Session. try to avoid using the Meet Now space, as you'll want to use that for other tests and ad-hoc sessions. Better to schedule a separate event.
  6. Oh, before uploading the powerpoint slide make sure you've read my other post on uploading a LM 2005 adjusted ppt deck to a LM 2007 space. You'll get nasty errors if you simply try to upload the ppt file directly.
  7. Start testing your LM presentation skills.

Here a couple of hurdles I came along while testing the slides:

Don't look for the instructors manual. there is none. All good information is hidden in the powerpoint Notes. Totally Next Gen MOC Style. (I ask myself what came first, chicken or egg?)

Best thing to do is print out the ppt in Notes Mode. Make sure to resize the fonts on one of the notes pages, or it won't all print on one page. Sadly the default behaviour of printing out in Notes mode is to cut off any text that goes beyond the paper margin.
This will give you a great script sheet for the actual session. I also use this printout for my notes, timings and added value content.

Then go and download the Deliveryguide to the standard 2273 MOC Course. Why? Because it contains the script for the demo's you'll be doing. Well some of them. All the Demos in Module 4-2 are actually the Practices you'd be doing with your students during the normal classroom experience. So print out those pages with the practice scripts to make sure you cover all aspects.

When matching up MODL with MOC you'll have to do some translation in Module Numbers. Especially as 2273 actually is a combination of 2274 and 2275. Following list should help:

2273 MODL Lesson2273 MOC
4-2-4AddRead C
4-2-5AddRead D

As you can see, Lessions 4 and 5 Are not even covered in the Delivery Guide. You'll have to look for them on the Student CD under Additional Reading Material(AddRead).

Now here is a good note: The StudentCD that comes with the full download of the MODL Course is pretty much the same as the one for 2273. So no need to download it twice. Extract the TrainerCD, look into the Student Folder and go hunting for those additional modules. There you'll find the practice scripts for the remaining demos.

That's all for now. More Tips and Tricks coming along and if you have any questions post me on the mct modl newsgroup. I'm one of the few hanging around there.

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