Toastmasters is another passion of mine.

What is Toastmasters?
It's probably the cheapest and most effective public speaking and professional development program in the world. It guides you through different speech craft projects, teaches you how to get your message across effectively and professionally and also gives you lots of opportunity to find the hidden leader within you.

Where can I find out more? is normally a good start, but their website can be a bit confusing at times. is the Australian NSW chapter (district 70)  and you can get even more information there.

Where can I find a club to visit?
The club finder on the TM website is a good start
If the club say's it's open, then you're free to join them for a visit. No need to announce yourself, but it helps manage the meetings if visitors do drop the club organisers a notice per email.
If the club claims to be a closed club, or special requirements exist then most often than not it will be either a corporate club for staff only or an advanced club.

What club do you belong to?
I'm part of Professional Advantage Toastmasters Club. We're a corporate club which I founded in 2013 and we've been having lots of fun meeting for lunch time sessions and working on our speaking and leadership abilities.

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