Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello World

Having turned MCT last October I have found the path a little bumpy at times.
Not knowing where to go for the real advice, not knowing how to best teach MS Courses or any general advice on being an MCT and all that comes with it.

So I thought I'd create a blog for all those new MCTs out there and share my learnings with everyone. Not that anyone will be listening soon, but who knows, if I can help just one newbie to feel more confident with MOC (microsoft official courseware) then I've achieved all I could wish for.

To start off... Where to get the stuff once you're an MCT.
If you're working for a CPLS they will buy the course material for the courses. Often they will try to skip on the trainer pack, as it ain't cheap. So no stress, you can download most materials from the MC Courseware Library. Now that's a phrase that causes confusion alone.

The Official MCT Download Center is also known as Microsoft Offifical Courseware Library and can be found here:
You'll need to register and when asked for your partnerId, simply enter your MCP Id(aka MCT Id)

But you won't find all courses there anymore. MSL (Microsoft Learnining) have introduced a new Courseware Library where Courses MCTs can upload their own courses and start earning royalties on those. The Quality assurance process is not quite as lengthy as the one for MOC but then, you'll find out soon enough how much time was spent on Quality within MSL. They have promised to change this...
So where is the new Library?

Happy downloading you all. And remember, MCT use only.


Anonymous said...

Hi all - I am really frustrated as a new MCT because I lost my ID # and now, because I changed names and companies and took the two tests seperately at different centers, they cannot validate who I am. It has been over 6 weeks since opening a ticket. Sharepoint Application Development and Config of WSS 2.0 are the two certifications. Any tips?

alx said...

wow. losing the ID is tricky. I suppose you did both tests with prometric as vue is no more. Thus I would advise you to talk to prometric directly and get them to resend you your MCP ID to the email address you configured. In the past I have found the help desk most unhelpful, but it has been getting better recently.