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Thursday, June 6, 2013

SharePoint 70-332 Exam Tips

So a few weeks ago I passed the dreaded SharePoint 2013 Pro exam. And I must tell you, the panic was for naught. I expected it to be heaps tougher than the 331 predecessor. I was trying to read up as much as I could. Tried to prepare heaps. But in the end it had the same kind of questions as 70-331, just phrased differently with a more architectural spin on them.

So if you sat and passed 70-331, my advice is to not freak out about 332 and sit very soon after passing 331. That way the studies you did are still fresh from the previous exam and will help you though this tough little cookie.

Don't get me wrong, it was not easy. I found it as tough as the 331. It just was not any tougher and called upon the same set of knowledge which got me through 331.

Hope this helps some of you aspiring to become the next MCSE SharePoint.

For some tips on passing 70-331, check my earlier blog post

Friday, May 31, 2013

Windows Explorer view in Office 365

Some of you might have noticed that your windows explorer view is misbehaving in Office 365.
Chances are you are using ADFS to sign into Office 365? Then the problem is clear :-)

Windows Explorer will treat the request as a windows authenticated request, but... won't sign you in! Why? because it only forwards your windows credentials to the domain that belongs to your machine/network and not some random server on the internet. such as your office 365 tenant ending in

the fix? Simple. use the same hack you use if your sharepoint intranet is on a different domain suffix as your primary domain. Add * to your AuthForwardServerList:

Happy Single Sign On everybody!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Free Elearning access for MODL courses

Some of you out there might not know it yet, but all MCTs get free access to all Elearning material on A great resource for gaining new skills. But also a prerequisite to teach MODL courses. Each MODL module will include one or two E-Learning courses for the students to complete in between sessions (the Expand bit of GEAR). and you will need to know the content of those modules before sending your students on a wild goose chase. 'Cause quite some content is pure revision and duplicaiton of the material you just covered in class. If you don't want your students to be all grumpy because they wasted an hour reviewing material you already had taught them, you should advise them which bits are revision and which are added content so they can work out their learning schedule better.

So how do you get access to all that wonderful E-Learning material?

Well, you will have to phone up your Microsoft Regional Service Center and get the access code from them.
apparently simple Instructions are viwable here:

But beware! the process is not that simple. the code consists of three blocks of 4 alphanumeric characters separated by dashes. If they say, we'll email it to you, don't hang up but wait until it arrives. First time I waited and 2h later nothing arrived. next time I waited on the phone and got the email, without noticing that I got the wrong code. I received the access code to the mcp site, not the e-learning content. Third time round I kept the operator on the phone while I verified the correctness of the code. That woked.

happy e-Learning!

Just a shame that your E-Learning catalogue is now rendered useless as you have no way of searching through the thousands of courses. Just sorting them and going through page by page.
I always use the main E-Learning site to find the course I'm interested in


don't go to the http version of the address. that will redirect you to
and you'll get totally lost and frustrated, you will be forced to use your catalog, which now is rendered usesless since it was spammed with thousands of subscriptions and you won't find what you are looking for.
use the https version and use the searchbox at the top left hand side. Much smoother.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Activating vpc images for MOC

Oh, man! One of those well kept secrets! If nobody tells you how it is not as easy as one might seem. I would have expected Microsoft to send out a bunch of keys in my welcome pack, but that sadly enough was not the case. So how do we get those vpc images running before the class starts?
The trick is knowing whom to ask. You would have expected to have this as part of the MCT FAQ but no, no info there. There used to be a link on the MCT homepage, but no luck there either.
After spending ages going through the MCT homepage I gave up looking for the link. It is gone.

This is how you do it:
Send an Email to "mslpkd" at microsoft with your request for product keys and your MCT ID (also known as MCP ID). They will then send you back a nice email with instructions and some time later another email with the keys you requested. You can request keys for Windows 2003, XP, SBS, and Vista. Then follow the instructions to change the product key of the vpc images during the activation process and activate the vpc by phone.
Remember to commit changes to the VPC after doing that and reusing that activated image for your class. You really don't want to go through the hassle of activating each and every image for a class of eight people every other week! At some point in stage you will have maxed out the amount of activatons you can do with those keys and simply send another email to the same address aksing for some more.
It really isn't that hard, when somebody tells you how to do it!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hello World

Having turned MCT last October I have found the path a little bumpy at times.
Not knowing where to go for the real advice, not knowing how to best teach MS Courses or any general advice on being an MCT and all that comes with it.

So I thought I'd create a blog for all those new MCTs out there and share my learnings with everyone. Not that anyone will be listening soon, but who knows, if I can help just one newbie to feel more confident with MOC (microsoft official courseware) then I've achieved all I could wish for.

To start off... Where to get the stuff once you're an MCT.
If you're working for a CPLS they will buy the course material for the courses. Often they will try to skip on the trainer pack, as it ain't cheap. So no stress, you can download most materials from the MC Courseware Library. Now that's a phrase that causes confusion alone.

The Official MCT Download Center is also known as Microsoft Offifical Courseware Library and can be found here:
You'll need to register and when asked for your partnerId, simply enter your MCP Id(aka MCT Id)

But you won't find all courses there anymore. MSL (Microsoft Learnining) have introduced a new Courseware Library where Courses MCTs can upload their own courses and start earning royalties on those. The Quality assurance process is not quite as lengthy as the one for MOC but then, you'll find out soon enough how much time was spent on Quality within MSL. They have promised to change this...
So where is the new Library?

Happy downloading you all. And remember, MCT use only.