Friday, August 7, 2009

Microsoft Learning: Microsoft Certified Master Program

Microsoft Learning: Microsoft Certified Master Program

Hey folks, They are already working on the 2010 material. In theory that is great news! Get certified on the newest technology while it is hot off the press and avoid all the teething problems we all had when 2007 came out and nobody was around to give us best practices. But there is also some sad news involved. From December onwards you will not be able to gain a SharePoint 2007 MCM Certification no more. Once they roll out the 2010 curriculum they will close down the 2007 track.
What does that mean? That all customers who need support to clean up their 2007 mess and are looking around for a 2007 super guru will be looking at existing 2007 MCMs first before evaluating 2010 MCMS.
Will a 2010 MCM have the same indepth understanding of the 2007 platform as a 2007 MCM? Of course. If not more so! But will customers understand this fact? probably not. the worst are the HR managers and recruiters which have no understanding of the MS certificaitons. I just remind you of the countles recruiters turning down MCITPs while they were looking for MCSEs.

So the final verdict. Is it worth while doing the SharePoint 2007 MCM before it expires? Do the math first.
Devin did a nice little calculation on the ROI of the MCM program There he explains how the increased productivity already is worth its weight in gold.
And all you consultants out there. Be honest. How many hours of brooding over tricky and difficult problems have you not been able to bill to your customers. You're working 50 hours a week and billing only 40? sound familiar to anybody? that's at $100 an hour over 48K a year which you are not billing out. Just halving the lost time from 10 hours to 5 hours due to skill, knowledge and new connections is worth more than the cost of the program including travel, accommodation and food. Not to mention the fact that you will get away with an increase in your charges of upt to 50% in some cases. i.e. charge out at $120-$150 instead of the $100.

Will I be doing it? All depends on how fast I can get the cash together.

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