Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cool SharePoint Themes

Microsoft has published a whole set of new and funky sharepoint themes
you can download them here

For those of you who have been playing with the SPG, you will notice that the Contoso theme is part of the update package for the Training Management Solution.

Finally, if you wish a faster and more comfortable way of using your themes, install the WSP file that Daniel Brown created and activate the themes on Farm level.
Daniel was so kind to installl the themes and make features out of them, packaged it all into a wsp and added a readme for instructions.

These themes make life a lot easier to customise the look and feel of your sharepoint installation. Either use them out of the box or pick the one you like best and adjust it with a few tweaks to your needs.


alexandern said...

interesting templates, but as usual they lack quality, poor html, and so on..


alx said...

Ah well, you can't have it all.
The themes are not affecting the master pages a nd thus only add new css to the existing badly designed master pages. If you want some better designed html then I suggest having a look at the WSS sample Master Pages. They are based on DIVs and are much cleaner than the OOB one.