Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Due to my previous employer making Intellectual Property Right claims to knowledge that I obtained while in their employment, I have removed all technical blog posts since February 2012.
I'll be updating the topics and posting new posts here from now on:



Garry Lloyd said...

You are kidding me. I thought to win in business you needed to have a defendable competitive advantage.

A competitive advantage being a function of either providing comparable buyer value more efficiently than competitors (low cost), or performing activities at comparable cost but in unique ways that create more buyer value than competitors and, hence, command a premium price (differentiation).

But, hey, throwing lawyers at a little guy, interesting strategy. It might have been a better investment of time and money for your old employer to develop a competitive advantage and a relationships with you.

Alex Dean said...

Yea, that shook me up a bit. But I decided to take the high road and not engage their bullying tactics.