Saturday, June 4, 2011

Expired Virtual Machines for 10232

Thank God, Microsoft Learning is fixing the date issue on the 10232 virtual machines. Looks like this time they didn't get away with "it is not broken, it is by design". So if you are planning on teaching Advanced SharePoint Development techniques any time soon, then make sure to get your hands on the newest images. They should be online within the next week or so.
Btw, 10232 is full of theory and "best practice" concepts. Great for solution architects, team leads and senior developers. Not really the stuff junior SharePoint developers are keen on. They just want to get their hands dirty coding WebParts.
Also, encourage the client to send their newbie SharePoint developers onto 10174 first before visiting any of the advanced courses. Although it is an admin focussed course it covers all the essentials which a developer needs to know about.

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