Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A humble tribute to the expense claim form

In this blogpost I will be revealing my probably most popular demonstration yet. Not that it is completely my work. I borrowed ideas from office online, msdn, Paul Culmsee and other great resources out there to fine tune my favourite demo.
The starting point was a tutorial which you can find in the help system of SharePoint Designer and also online
Workflow example: Route an expense report for review
This simple tutorial will take you through the steps of publishing the sample expense report from infopath to sharepoint and show you how to hook up a simple workflow

That little tutorial has since been refined and made into a video
Demo: Streamline business processes with forms and workflows
This Demo shows how the workflow can work and has some great How To articles going into the depths of using different views and hooking up the form with an approval workflow

Finally Paul came up with a great series of articles showing you how to create a custom leave form in Infopath and touches on a favourite topic of mine. The SharePoint Webservices in part 5 of his humble tribute.

Originally I was planning on publishing a post on how to build and publish an expense claim form. since then I've realised that Paul's post on the leave form really has everything you need in it already and decided to keep it at the above useful links :-)

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