Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People Search for WSS

Recently I attended a presentation by Ken Biswell from RedVespa and totally fell in love with their approach to People Search. He was presenting at the Wellington SharePoint Usergroup giving us insider tips and tricks for how to tackle a SharePoint project from the Business Analyst point of view and it was a great session.
So what was their approach to People Search? Simple! They generated WCMS driven profile pages which make it easy to update and copy/paste whole CVs into and created a separate content source which only indexes those pages. Thus the PM who is now looking for a person with a specific skill like ITIL or SCRUM can simply search the limited content source and get only the results that interest him/her without being bombarded with irrelevant results.
Simple, elegant and most importantly effective! Saving time keeping profiles up to date and saving time searching for key people.

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