Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vista Presentation settings on a Desktop

Ever wondered if you could change presentation mode settings also on a desktop?
In vista you can!
a littel tweak in the registry will get you going in no time

first, to activate the mobility center, create the key MobilityCenter under MobilePC, if it does not exist yet. then create a DWord(32 bit) value called RunOnDesktop and enter 1 for it's value


Then you are able to open up the mobility center on a desktop machine running vista using the exe called mblctr.exe

To change the Presentation Settings another tweak is required...

under MobilePC check that the key AdaptableSettings exists.
It will have no values yet.
Create a new DWord(32-Bit) called SkipBatteryCheck and set it's value to 1


Voilla, now you can set presentation settings and start using the features also on a desktop by calling PresentationSettings.exe


Bridgebuilder said...

That's an amazingly useful trick.
Thanks for pointing it out.

Rossen said...

Nice Job... I got very annoyed when i discovered that my desktop pc couldn't run the mbtctr. Great article. Thank you! :D