Thursday, April 10, 2008

MODL teachback & Multimedia

As some of you might know, I recently submitted my MODL teachback. A really nerve wrecking experience. Worst part is sitting around waiting for the review. Up to 60 days! it's been three weeks now and feels like for ever!
During the teachback I was adamant not to use program sharing and a desktop microphone to capture the multimedia. Especially as I was skyping into the session and it would have made things rather complicated. What a lame way to share the animations anyway! Instead I uploaded the flash files to the live meeting session directly and shared them from within. Does this work with a conferecing system?
Sure it does!
Remember, when setting up the session you will be connecting the conferencing system to the LM session and be recording everything within the LM session itself.
When your participants connect to the LM session their audio will be muted automatically. this is to avoid echos, as you'd be listening to yourself a second after you spoke into the conferencing system. All you need to do is advise your participants to unmute the speaker in LM for the duration of the animation.

If you want the audio to turn up in the finished recording you must click the flash file and activate it. just running it does not seem to work. The ones I activated, turned up in the recording with video and audio. the ones I did not, and used the built in controls in LM to control, did not turn up on the recording but were simply five minutes of silence.

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