Thursday, December 6, 2012

Simplifying SharePoint Administration

One of the frustrating aspects of administering SharePoint 2010 is that neither the quick launch nor the bread crumb allow you to get back to the Service App admin page that you are currently in. Often I will find myself lost in the depths of some configuration page hitting the back button a dozen times to get back to the user profile home page or the search administration page.

One of the "great" new features of SharePoint 2010 is that all service applications now live directly under Central Admin. This might not seem like much to you, but... they all can now share the same top link bar!
User Profiles, Search, Managed Metadata, Excel Services and BCS are the five most common Service Applications that will require an administrator to go in and perform some maintenance task.

To simplify your life, create shortcuts on the toplink bar of Central Admin!
Just right click on the Service Application of your choice first via the "Manage Service Applications" page found under "Application Management"; choose Copy Shortcut; and then paste the shortcut into the new top link found via Site Actions > Site Settings > Top Link Bar > New Navigation Link.

The best about this trick is that now you can get to your favourite Service Application Management pages with one click, no matter where you are in SharePoint Central Admin!

Hope this helps all those sharepoint admins out there!

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Jeff said...

Great tip! I do this on all of my Central Admin sites and blogged about a few of my favorite links at

Abbreviations worked well for me (WSP,UPS,SRCH,etc.) because they're easy to type and understand.